I’m famous!

Got an email printed in VeloNews’ Mailbag. (Scroll all the way down)

For the record, if Al does come back and it means we get more cycling on TV, I’m all over it. Nothing against the guy ‘cept sheer jealousy.

5 thoughts on “I’m famous!”

  1. Nice going!

    One time when I was a kid (15-17ish) I was working at a craft fair for my mother selling her dolls. Not too many people had shown up yet, so once I was done setting up the stand I sat back with an issue of Bicycling magazine.

    I was reading the letters to the editor and found myself agreeing with one of the letters on every single point that was made; it was uncanny. Until I got to the bottom of the letter and saw that I had written it.

  2. Good for you! I wasn’t able to open the ‘mailbag’ because my computer is acting fuky, but I’m happy for you. Next time we meet, I’ll have to bring a pen for your autograph. :)

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