Open Letter to

So, about 7 years ago, when I was building my kayak, I ordered a couple of books (actually, about a half-dozen) off of Amazon to learn how to keep my head above water, literally and figuratively. Likewise, before the first kid, ordered a couple of baby-type books to have something to thumb restlessly through while trying to figure out why Pinky wouldn’t stop crying.

However, it’s been nigh-unto six years since I’ve even looked at another kayak book – water’s still wet, paddling in bad weather and rough seas will still leave you exhilarated or dead, and there’s still a dozen potentially life-threatening conditions that could be happening for every observable feature of a baby.

So, Mr. Bezos (or lackey) – run on down to the folks who draw up your algorithms. Hand them this idea:

Instead of recommending based on who I used to be, see what folks who used to be like me are buying now, and offer me that crap instead of the fifth edition of a book of which I bought the third edition…

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