So, why are you here

And not over reading Fat Cyclist’s Tour Day France predictions?

He picks Ullrich overall (I think). From his description of Alexander Vinokourov:

  (E)very cycling fan — regardless of how strongly they idolize any other cyclist — must stand at the ready to cheer for Vinokourov as he makes one of his crazy, wrong-headed attacks. Most of them make no sense and go nowhere, and that’s why I love him. Here’s how I imagine Vinokourov decides whether to attack at a given moment: “Hey, there’s a guy about 100 feet ahead of me. I wonder if I could catch him. Well, my legs feel pretty good. GO!”

So, seriously. Go. Don’t forget to click on an ad link while you’re there to add to the Fat Cyclist Sweepstakes.
And, Fat Cyclist? Man, if you can’t make a phat living writing as well as you do, there’s no justice in the world. Hope the move goes well. Here’s wishing you miles and miles of singletrack and no punctures.

One thought on “So, why are you here”

  1. Fat cyclist cracks me up. I think he’s tapping Basso to win, but lord does Jan deserve it! Of course, I said that last year too!

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