Monday mini-brick

AM – Pushups and Situps. I really, really need to do this more.

Lunch – run 30 minutes with HR about 140. 15 min out, 14 min back, probably 3.3 miles. Two telephone poles further than either of the 30 minute runs I did last week, which was encouraging.

After bathtime – 2000 yards at the pool with C, the not-so-new anymore engineer that did the Tris with me last summer. It’s kind of nice to have a training partner. Not that we’re pushing each other or anything, but just knowing that there’s going to be someone else at the pool is incentive not to slack.

Weight – still at 174 this morning. However, I hit 169.5 on Friday morning. I wasn’t the most responsible eater over the weekend, so I’m guessing reality is somewhere in between. I really need to get diligent about counting calories. When I do it, the pounds come off.

Tomorrow AM – run. Tomorrow after work – bike. (both gentle, 140 BPM for about 30 minutes). Tomorrow Evening – I read a week’s worth of other fitness blogs.

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