One for me, and one for my Hobbitt

Warning! Spoilers for 24 follow.

What a day! Finally got some product out the door at work, though I don’t know how it’s going to be received. Read the boy his story. Turned in some library books (Is it just me, or is a good local public library the absolute greatest? Thank you, Groton Public Library. Flexible hours rock.) Caught the last half hour of work night at the church. Dragged the trash and recycling to the curb.

And finally climbed back on the stationary trainer to watch 24. It’s been a couple of weeks since I haven’t screwed up the VCR (if anyone wants to send me the parts to hack together a MythTV, I’d be happy to blog it), so I’m like 4 hours behind. Thankfully, the world is still about to end, and Keifer Sutherland still looks like he wants to kill someone. The President’s wife was still alive, so I’m guessing that the President called off the assassination of the Russian Premier. The terrorists were still mad, but I’m guessing they would have double-crossed the pres if he’d let them whack the Russians. ‘Else they would have had to rename the show “12”.

Big body count in tonight’s episode – Edgar, the chunky hacker bites it in a poison gas attack on CTU. Then the hobbit bites it. Which is kind of bad; I’d come to identify with his character – chunky public servant, handsom as all get-out, sharp as a tack. Sucks in a lungful of gas after saving the rest of the folks at CTU. There are worse ways to go.

45 minutes later, I climbed off the trainer. Thought briefly about doing Pilates, but then bed started calling.

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