Another ToDo on the site

So, like I said – been using Breaking the Tape lately. Love it.

‘Cept apparently, the HTML interface for WordPress strips out  any embedded javascript or code besides HTML. Which kind of blows, ’cause that’s what runs all the “cool” new web 2.0 stuff, or so I’m told.

I got the workout entry in the other day ’cause I was posting from Ecto at home, which I guess goes straight into the entry databse without getting scrubbed by the WordPress editor.  But, trying to use the web interface isn’t getting me anywhere. Googled it and found a couple of entries about editing a “my-hacks.php” file, but won’t get around to that for a while.

So, chalk this up as my first real complaint about WordPress. Which doesn’t make it so bad, at all.

5 thoughts on “Another ToDo on the site”

  1. Bill, I really like this new template…

    This may not be what you are talking about but doesn’t that “code” button allow for using js and stuff right in a post?

    Failing that, something tells me there is a plugin to get around your problem.

  2. so, will wordpress let you have the sidebar scripts or is it only stripping it from the actual entry?

    oh, and i’m so excited that you’re using the site. don’t know if you saw it or not, but i’ve got it set up to allow users to sign up all on their own now.

  3. Jeff – WordPress allows for the sidebar scripts; Haven’t gotten around to installing them.

    Mark – there’s no “code” button that I see in the WordPress 2.0.1 page. There is an “HTML” button that pulls up the source for the entry; however, even cutting and pasting a “script” tag in the source gets stripped out when I click the “update” button. Will post screen shots when I’m working on my own dime.

  4. Huh – that’s interesting – I can get the script to take in the comments, just not in the body of the post…

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