More than a Tasty Sandwich 2.0 – Giro D’Italia

The Giro’s underway. Paulo Salvodelli, winner of last year’s Maglia Rosa, and the heir apparent to Armstrong on Discovery, took the prologue by 11 seconds (out of an approx 8 minute ride, so pretty powerful), and is starting in pink. The Giro is in Belgium for the first couple of stages, which is kind of appropriate, as Eddy Merckx (a belgian) was the last guy to hold the Pink Jersey from start to finish of the race.  Will Salvodelli? Likely not, but there’s always a chance. Especially this year, where, given the absence of a clear favorite in any race, the whole season’s up for grabs.

In any case, check out the Web 2.0 goodness over at VeloNews’ live coverage.  The same quality play-by-play you’ve come to expect, with real-time GoogleMaps goodness including updates on the position of the peleton. My only question – will they include the location of the breaks?

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