Use it or lose it

So, by my recollection, it’s been over a month since I hit the pool. I finally pried myself off the couch tonight and headed down to the Y after the boys were aslee… in bed, ’cause lord knows they’re not actually asleep until after I am.

And, man, was it tough. I managed to squeeze out 1000 yards (250 breast, 750 free) and my arms were aching. Hmm, guess maybe I should do those pushups each morning…

Still haven’t run again since Monday. But, it’s a holiday this weekend! Break out the flags and charcoal, folks.

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5 thoughts on “Use it or lose it”

  1. I’m a propane man myself…but I do have a couple of small charcoal grills and some briquets for emergencies or for those times when you just need to cook over coals…

    Come to think of it, I also have a small electric grill too. I don’t have a small propane one anymore; I gave that to my mother’s husband a few months ago. So right now I only have 1 full size and 3 small grills…I just like to grill.

  2. I noticed that when I don’t swim each week that my arms hurt more when I finally make it to the pool. Hmmm, maybe I should think about more pushups too!

    I love grilling, I only wish it would stop raining long enough…

  3. YAY for long weekends. Oh, wait. Every weekend is long for me now. YAY for Susan. Wait, this isn’t my blog – so great job on that monster swim . . . have fun grilling!

  4. Grill away pardna. But don’t stop that twitch and urge in the morning to go out for a quick run. Maybe Missy will give the chance.

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