Holy Crap!

Wow. So, I decide to take a couple of days to actually do stuff, and look what I miss: Doping Scandal Rocks Tour de France:

Ullrich, at age 32 nearing the end of his career, said he was “absolutely shocked.”

“I could cry going home in such good shape,” he said. “I need a few days for myself and then I’ll try to prove my innocence with the help of my lawyer. And I’ll go on fighting.”

Holy crap, indeed. Wow. Ullrich gone, Basso gone, Vinko gone…

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One thought on “Holy Crap!”

  1. Yeah, I was on vacation when I checked in to velonews and saw all the drama. What a shocker.

    The sad part for Vino is that he’s not even implicated. The sad part for the others is that no court or tribunal has found them guilty.

    It’s going to be a strange TdF this year….

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