Good runs

Catching up with David last Thursday was absolutely great. We did, by his reckoning, 6.8 miles from his folk’s house down to the Atlantic and back, with a climb back up to the neighborhood from the sea that just went on and on. Great run.

There’s something great about catching up with another RBF’er – an easy conversation, love of life, the road, etc. We gabbed about running since the last time we’d hit the road together (way back at New Haven, hard to believe). Jobs, projects, family, food… Good times, and the miles flew. Really didn’t want the run to be over.

Friday, the text message was “4 miles with 4×3 minutes Tempo followed by 3 minutes recovery.” Not really sure what that was, so I parked over at Jamestown, and started running. About a mile into the run, I figured that “tempo” ought to mean “Run as hard as physically possible for 3 minutes”, so, I waited until the current song had 3 minutes left, and picked up the pace until I couldn’t hold it, then backed off slightly. 3 minutes later, I dropped down to a jog to try to recover. Repeated again, and realized that I was in tremendous pain – sorry, discomfort. 5 minutes to recover. Did two more “tempos”, but only 2 minutes each time.

The run was exceptional, though – perfect weather, good swim afterwards.

Saturday the message was “Rest”, so I did – took on the poison ivy again (and got another rash) with some success. Took the boys for a ride in the kayak. Jake in the stern hatch worked like a champ. Nate in the front hatch – not so good. It was a little bit too tight for him with a life jacket on, so he rode back to the put-in in my lap. Which was not as bad as one might think.

Sunday, the text message didn’t come, so I ended up not running. The boy and I headed back up to the church after lunch to do some fairly strenuous yard work in preparation for getting a pre-school for 2 year olds state certified. Good stuff, then a little trip to the beach with the boys.

Hope everyone else is having as great a summer.