Last night i dreamed

About running.

Kind of freaky, in hindsight. Dreamed I went running through the neighborhood, but as I ran, I ran into a neighborhood of the absolute cutest Arts and Crafts recreation homes – brand new, but smallish, 1400 sf 3Br 2B homes with large two car detached garages. Hardwood floors, really cool stained glass in the doors and around the windows – not like Angels and Saints stained glass, but the cool A&C geometric patterns – long rectangles of clear glass with some colored accent squares. Beautiful built in cabinets, airy living spaces.

The best part of the dream really was the running – just felt like I could go forever.

But I’m kind of amazed that my mind would come up with houses like that. I’ll admit, it’s what I’d build, given the time, but I’d never given that much thought to it.

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