Didn’t run today

Felt pretty much fully recovered, but the doc had recommended I lay off for about a week after the family-planning related surgery on Friday. (If you want gory details, I’ll provide off-line. The short version is that I got more narcotics than Missy did for our first kid despite the fact that the ultimate discomfort from the procedure was less than any number of cleats to the nuts in intermural soccer (futbol). Which isn’t to say that I didn’t lay on the couch all weekend enjoying said prescriptions and the leisure of having a weekend to lay on the couch while the sky was cloudy, the humidity near saturation, and the AC both cool and a source of white noise.)

I really, really wanted to run. Really, really, really.

But I didn’t.

I will tomorrow. No doubt in my mind at all.

I registered for New Haven today. Yippie! Now, to see if I can still go 12+ miles – the longest I’ve gone in a month was the 6.8 with David almost two weeks ago. I’ll try that again this weekend.

And, when I found the details about the Josh Billings Tri, the wife said “Sure”. So, that’s two races in the space of two weeks, starting in 6 weeks. I’m pumped. I also get to paint the house over that time. The roof – contracted out, ’cause I’ve got no clue how to roof. Scraping, painting, and scraping again – I’ve been in the Navy, I can do that!

Life is good, good, good.

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  1. Glad you recovered well and took the time to rest. My husband felt the same after his ‘family planning related surgery’ … he got a whack of drugs for not too bad of pain.

    Two upcoming races … how awesome is that!

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