Gardening at Night

OK, not gardening, but like April-Anne, I hit the road after dark. With the moon near full, it was rising just as I left, and running by moonlight was a great feeling.

The new toy, to be named later, is really opening my eyes about some of my regular routes. Luckily, it looks like I’ve been pretty accurate at gauging distance. It’s pace that I’ve been completely wrong on. I was running last night from the house, down the quiet farm road behind our neighborhood. I’d been of the impression that until I hit the REALLY steep hill that most of the rollers were pretty close to zero sum. Heh. I was wrong. Looking at the mile splits for the 3 mile out and back, the “out” leg has got to be pretty much straight up-hill: 10:18/9:04/8:14. It’s a negative split, but that’s not because I picked up the pace on the way back – it’s more due to being dragged downhill.

That said, there was a section of extremely steep downhill where I think I actually went slower than I would have on a flat.

Running at night was a hoot. It’s fun how you can find new potholes in the dark that you’d never notice during the day. I’m tapped out on the gadget fund, but will start saving bottles to pick up a headlamp as the days rapidly grow shorter.

4 thoughts on “Gardening at Night”

  1. Once daylight savings hits, I run up at UConn, where there are lots of lights and people milling about. You’ve got a few colleges near you that might work the same way.

    And…stop teasing me about your new gadget!! I must know! At least tell us if it’s GPS-based or not.

  2. Do you want to start a petition against changing the clocks back an hour? :) I’m dreading that day and when I have to run in the dark all the time. I just might have to start saving bottles too. :)

  3. New toys good!
    Winter coming bad!
    At first, I love running in the dark (no one can see my flabby ass anymore) then the snow comes and it gets really really cold and the running in the dark gets old real quick.

  4. I’m getting curious about this gadget as well. I’m expecting a Garmin Forerunner for my birthday (soon!), and I’m wondering if you got the same thing. Neat gadgets indeed.

    Haven’t run (outside) at night yet. It’s interesting to see the contrast between your and April-Anne’s impressions of it.

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