So, I did make it out for a run yesterday afternoon, just not the lunchtime hammerfest. Decided to do 10K on the way home; felt REALLY good, so extended it to 7 miles. Got Lance Armstrong after the summary telling me I’d done my longest run ever. Think I preferred Paula.

However, I come not to blog about Billy, but to bury him… wait.

Anyway, Yesterday evening’s festivities were me as a spectator. We trundled on down to Old Saybrook so that Jake could run the L&M Hospital Kid’s 1/2 mile race (Can’t figure out why they’ve got him listed as living in Missouri), and Melissa ran the Comcast Shoreline 5 mile race. Jake gutted out his first ever side stitch to finish. Melissa ran strong through 4 miles (her daily routine) and gutted out the last mile.

The race rocked. Old Saybrook looks like it’s cut from a Norman Rockwell painting. The race starts on the town green, and runs an out-n-back course down to an old fort. The town does a summer concert series that the race coincided with, so the finishers got to mull about with live tunes, decent post-race grub, etc. There’s even a bunch of resturants and such downtown, so with a clean pair of clothes, a sink-shower, and lots of deodorant, you could make an evening of it. Plenty of parking.

This was the first race I’d gone to in a while as a pure spectator, and it was fun. Nate, Jake, and I ate sandwiches and drank juice boxes while watching the runners come in. Got to see the firetruck go out. Absolutely great summer evening.

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4 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. I love watching races now, that took a few years of running to be able to do. I especially like to watch marathons, always very happy I am NOT out there! Are you running New Haven?

  2. I love Old Saybrook! i’m going to take a wild guess and say you live in connecticut? I grow up in new haven.

    nice job on raising a running family!

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