Monday (and weigh-in)

184. Which is negative progress. In my defense, I can feel that my clothes are looser. The time to actually count calories may be here. At least after I head to the snack machine (to close to reality to be true)…

Truthfully, though, I’m getting close to wrapping up major work on a couple of pretty involved projects here at the office. I can’t say that the stress level will go WAY down, but it should relax at least a little bit. To be honest, I eat as a little bit of a defense mechanism, but it’s also in an effort to keep the brain fueled with carbs. When I’m on annual training in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try to cut way back on snacking and caffeine.

Ran the Newport Navy Base again this morning. Started strong, but felt really empty at the end. Kind of hard to describe; but I just wasn’t breathing right. My first guess is that I was a little dehydrated. Sigh. Need more water in the evenings, I guess.

Christian is standing me up tomorrow morning. Bum. I suppose that means I’ll bike, since I ran today.

5 thoughts on “Monday (and weigh-in)”

  1. That’s not negative progress. That’s just staying sort of level. If the clothes are feeling looser, then you’re probably just exchanging body-fat weight for muscle weight, and that’s a good thing!

  2. I agree with Lafe…I never rely on the scale to assess weight loss – it’s all about 1) how your clothes fit and 2) how you feel about yourself!

  3. See, my big curse in life is being an engineer – fit and feel are subjective measures; the scale is objective (if fickle depending on time of day, etc).

    But that’s all the more reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and to keep turning the pedals.

  4. Lafe is right….muscle weighs more than body-fat. When I ran cross country in high school, I used to gain five pounds by the end of the season and I never understand why until some one explained the muscle vs. fat exchange. ~ So…keep up the good job and I think that cutting back on caffeine is a great idea!

  5. Same thing has happened to me! Since I’ve started half marathon training I have not lost an ounce! Yet my clothes fit totally differently. And I’ve gone down a size! I hate that! I need numbers!

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