Fall Hiatus

Hey, Folks.

Sorry for the following:

  1. Not posting much this week.
  2. Not reading your stuff. There is little that is more enjoyable than reading about daily small triumphs and races. Truly gets me out the door.
  3. Not writing about exactly how amazing it was to see Dianna, Jon, Danny and the crew from the Bronx, Michelle, Beth at New Haven. David made the trip to New Haven from Florida via Mystic, and we shared a great ride both to and from the race. THere are few people who are wonderful to see before 7 AM; David certianly is. The best part, though, was two hours with April-Anne. She and I had similar goals for the race (Finish! preferably in less than 2 hours), and had a great run, complete with her coaxing me into a sprint at the finish. COld beer, hand-rolled truffles, and conversation afterward. Awesome.

I’m probably out of the picture for the next couple of weeks if not a month. Mingus, my iBook G3, died last week on my way to Maryland. The end of the fiscal year is upon us at work, and I’m changing jobs as a Reservist, which comes with its own learning curve. Plus, I’m behind on a training course, and have a technical class at the end of the month.

What all that means, is that my time to write Runmystic is severely curtailed. I’ll still be turning content for CRN, and still running. But this site will be sparse until I can get all my stuff in one sock, and my new MacBook running smoothly.

Enjoy the fall!

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