El Grande Giro ‘007 – Licensed to Thrill

Wow, can’t believe I missed this: Giro d’Italia to open on island of Caprera

Next year’s 90th Giro d’Italia will open with a 24-kms team time trial on the tiny island of Caprera off the north coast of Sardinia on May 12 and finish in Milan on June 3, organisers said on Saturday.

Being a submariner, Caprera has fond memories. There’s been a US sub tender at La Maddelena since the end of WWII. The collective wardrooms of the Atlantic Submarine Fleet own a villa on La Madd, where I’ve spent several evenings diligently studying reactor plant operations, tactics, and techniques, as a good, upstanding fighting officer of the US Navy line should.

Oh, internet – I cannot lie to you: We got loaded on local wine and went carousing. What wonderful times, even in the dead of winter.

So, I’ve got tasking: How to get orders cut to La Madd at the end of April/Early May…

Basso signed with Discovery, Puerto seems to be ancient history and ruined careers, and I want to believe again….

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