So, it’s been more or less a week since I’ve worked out, and the legs are getting worse rather than better. Is it possible that the treadmill is my problem? Man, I hope so…

Anyway, I’m still pretty dedicated to the idea that I’ll start back with 10 miles/week, building to 20 miles/week in about 12 weeks, and supplemented with cross training. I’ve been stretching, and the worst of the PF pain seems to have switched legs.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend! We’ve got our first Blue and Gold dinner with the Cub Scouts this weekend.

4 thoughts on “So

  1. Switched legs? How the heck do injuries do that? I had shin splints that did that it annoyed the piss out of me because I wasn’t running at the time.

    Hope the PF clears up soon.

  2. Stop putting the left sock on the right foot. You’re transmitting PF!

    Slacker. It’s not cold. Get out there!!

  3. PF sucks. I had a bad case of it two years ago. What worked? Well a tennis ball beside the bed. In the mornings I would do a few rolls with it on each foot before stepping into my shoes. No barefeet. I wore crocs when I wasn’t wearing my runners.

    I also had a tennis ball beside my desk at work and would repeat the ball roll thingy throughout the day. It really helped.

    I hope it heals for you quickly.

  4. Jank, really sorry to hear about your PF. Hope it clears up soon. Your plan to get back into a routine sound really good. Hope your week will be better

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