Fatty’s got a great idea…

Once in a while, a great idea comes up, and today’s is courtesy of Fat Cyclist:

Like-Minded Cyclists + Local Knowledge = Dream VacationFrom here, the UVCV is pretty simple. Each clique would determine for themselves how often they have these vacations, and how many days those vacations last. Each clique member takes turns being a host: putting together an awesome biking vacation for their clique in your home area. When you’re host, you’re responsible for choosing what trails people will ride, where people will stay, picking them up at the airport, arranging with a bike shop to take care of any gear needs travelers will have, where to eat…pretty much everything. You’re Mr. Rork, and your hometown is Fantasy Island.

I’m digging on this idea, especially after hosting Warren last year – it’s a riot to be able to show off your home turf.

So, drop a line if you’re in the SE CT/RI area, and I’d be happy to show you around running, or on any kind of bike, provided you’re willing to wait up.

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One thought on “Fatty’s got a great idea…”

  1. My name is warren, and I endorse jank-guided rides.

    There’s a lot of great cycling up here, some of which I’m still discovering (come on, spring!) If you’re ever up this way, I’d be happy to give you the tour.

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