Planes, Training, and Automobiles

Spent the last couple of days out of town. Good, good trip – man, I love my job.

Monday afternoon was a run on the BWI trail. It didn’t start out as such – I had 60 minutes to clear my inbox, run, and make it to dinner, so I was just intending to head out and back on the road. But, about 10 minutes in, I spotted the trail, did some rough guestimation, and turned the out’n’back to a loop.

Good choice – I’d forgotten exactly how cool the view from the hill overlooking the civil aviation runway was. Man, I love the spring.

Last night I managed to squeeze in a swim after getting home and seeing the kids. Bleh. 750 meters and I was wiped. Could have been any one of a number of reasons – I think I may be coming down with something; or I was dehydrated from traveling, whatver.