Ain’t so pretty no more, are you?

I did a little modified brick today. After the lunchtime run, I called home to see what was on the table for supper. Missy mentioned that Jake had a coupon for pizza from school, and as I had the bike on the back of the car, I said “Hey, why don’t you and the boys get pizza, and I’ll eat leftovers after I ride?” That’s me, always thinking about the wife all the time.

The ride was incredible. Started from the soccer field on Jamestown, looped up to the North End of the island, down south to downtown, and back to the car.

There was a casualty, though. After 6 years and a couple thousand miles, the faceplate on my left shifter bit the dust. It’d been rattling for a while, and finally let go heading down a hill. I backtracked after I finished the ride, but there was nothing there.

I was going to get the trifecta and hit the pool tonight, but the pool was closed. Let’s see if I can get up in the morning…

Oh, and I bought my USAT license for this year. Rock on.