Birthday Meme

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3 Events:

  1. 1620 – The Pilgrims sail from Plymouth, England, on the Mayflower to settle in North America.
  2. 1847 – Henry David Thoreau leaves Walden Pond and moves in with Ralph Waldo Emerson and his family in Concord, Massachusetts.
  3. 1870 – Louisa Ann Swain of Laramie, Wyoming becomes the first woman in the United States to cast a vote legally after 1807.

An interesting omission: Wikipedia has no mention of the 1972 kidnapping and murder of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics.

2 Births:

  1. 1766 – John Dalton, British chemist and physicist (d. 1844)
  2. 1928 – Robert M. Pirsig, American author (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I claim bonus points for:
1937 – Sergio Aragonés, Spanish-born illustrator (Creator of Groo, the Wanderer)
1939 – David Allan Coe, American country singer (Writer of the perfect country and western song
1943 – Roger Waters, British musician
1947 – Jane Curtin, American actress (and “ignorant slut”)
1958 – Jeff Foxworthy, American comedian
2006 – Prince Hisahito of Akishino, Japan Imperial Family member

1 Holiday:

Swaziland – Independence Day (from the United Kingdom, 1968)

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