So, I’m back home after a couple of days down in DC. And man, what a great trip this was – fascinating, good running, and a chance to catch up with an old friend.

The new shoes are good – there’ll be a bit up on Complete Running later this week talking about a great retail experience.

And WOW – I’d forgotten what an elemental experience it is to run in good, solid humidity. I just got out for a couple of miles, and MAN – it was sticky. But sticky in a good way.

Monday night, I caught up with a shipmate. Good food, and we spent the evening walking around the Tidal Basin and the mall. DC is absolutely fabulous – it’s inspirational for me to actually go around and read the monuments, Jefferson’s in particular. It’s a shame how frequently we forget the intellectual underpinnings of our great nation. I envy you DC types, though not for the weather…

Thursday is Terramuggus. I hope i make it – work is busy, and next week is vacation…

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