Letting Go

Wow – cannot believe that I let such a good run fall off like I did.

On the way back from the UK, I sat through 9 hours of airport heck at Dulles. Bleh. Customs and immigration (with some new, 21st century name that doesn’t mean what you think it means, kind of like “Homeland Security”) was a zoo, and my first flight was cancelled. Luckily, I got home on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday were both crazy at real work, and Saturday and Sunday were pretty busy at drill. THEN, the plot thickened – we had carpet installed today.

Sorry for griping about something that’s all-in-all good, but if moving is a pain, getting new carpet is doubly so – not only do you have to pack everything up, but you’ve got to put it in the rest of the house, with all the other stuff. If we ever redo the floors again, I’m just renting a dumpster, and doing this the easy way.

The short version is that I hadn’t run in 6 days, and was on the verge of not running today, when I realized I needed to prioritize, suck it up, and hit the road. I dragged J. Klink downstairs with me, and we banged out a quick 5K. No clue how long it took, but the run was great – just warm enough to work up a good sweat and get that “hot” feeling on the skin, but not anywhere near actually “hot”.

And, I did it despite not having my Nike+ chip for the iPod. Screw that – life’s too short to obsess.

Only one other bit – I registered for the New Haven Road Race. Time to get in the annual 20K on Labor Day – nothing finer.

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  1. welcome home! the joy of moving stuff out of the way. at least you got some cross training if you had to move stuff up or down stairs.

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