So, the airport cops here are all riding Segways.

Creeps me out to no end.

Now I know how a dog feels when a bicycle goes past.

2 thoughts on “segway”

  1. are they real segways or the pretend ones without the real gyro and two wheels? the airport police here are riding on a three wheeled facsimile as are the security kids from a local outdoor mall. still the same feeling, though…i’m just waiting for someone to get run down by an over zealous operator.

  2. Well considering it literally it an extension of your body, I highly doubt Police or Security will have any problems.
    I have seen them with PT’s all over the airports, malls, & downtown in VERY dense pedestrian congestion with of course absolutely no problems.
    It *CAN’T* run people over unless the user forces it too. Much like purposefully knocking someone over while on foot.
    Now, if people are actually using those POS three wheeled scooters, ABSOLUTELY I’d freak out. Those things are SO dangerous. The have absolutely NO stability at all, and tip over at the drop of a hat.
    Not to mention they are slow, can’t go over ANY terrain, and require manual control of every single movement made.
    Bottom line, a PT (Segway) is a logical tool for dense patrolling and fast response.
    A scooter is designed for children on private roads with lots of safety equipment.

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