In Rainbows

Man, life has been hectic. Found out on Friday I’m flying most of the way across the country on Tuesday for a meeting Wednesday, then having to be at another meeting Thursday back on the East Coast that was already scheduled. The meeting Wednesday is a HUGE deal, and I’m kind of surprised that they’re letting me take it. But not really ’cause I’m that good. (yipes). There would be details passed, but there is NO time available. Sorry.

So, I’ve got it back into my head that I need to do this running thing RIGHT. Melissa rocking her debut at Hartford (and she has, indeed, uttered the “So, I’m wondering when I should run again…” phrase, not in reference to like running – she cranked out 6 on Saturday, but in reference to another M) has got me thinking. Thinking that

  • I’ve got to get my weight down. 170 is not heinous, but 160 would be within weight for BMI, and 155 would be almost 10% less than I am now…
  • Running is phenomenal right now. Wx is great, healthy, etc.
  • I need to do it more
  • Last week was kind of a disaster. Ran Monday, ran Thursday, ran Sunday (more on that later). But not nearly so bad as the week before, where I DID NOT RUN, ‘cept for the PRT.

    So, determined to salvage this week, I did my favorite run – otherwise known as Family Swim at the Y, and run home. And Run I did. I felt sooooo good, when I hit the south side of Old Mystic, I turned south to run down to Mystic proper, and add another 4 miles to the run.

    Life is good.

    Cow Hill kicked my butt again, Warren, but it’s good to have the challenge immediately between you and the house, instead of in somewhere bypassable.

2 thoughts on “In Rainbows”

  1. I’m starting to think that the town council has renamed it Cow Hill Warren. :)

    I will get my revenge on Cow Hill, sooner or later. :)

  2. Hey Bill,
    Please tell Melissa I said “WooHoo, and Congrats!” What an accomplishment!!
    Hope the Janks are ALL well and happy:)

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