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My tagger? Hip

5 Facts:

  1. I lived in Hawaii for three years. I don’t remember a day of it, and haven’t been back since the early 70’s.
  2. If there’s sewing to be done in Casa Jankowski, it’s me that’s breakin’ out the Singer, not my lovely wife. My ma, about the time I was 10 or 12, handed me a needle and thread and told me I was on my own.
  3. I can brew beer from nothing but water, malted barley, and hops. Scratch that – I can brew GOOD beer from nothing but water, malted barley, dregs from the last batch of homebrew, and hops given no tools other than a big propane burner, a coil of copper tubing connected to the garden hose, a giant pot, a 5 gallon gatorade cooler with a frying pan splatter screen jammed into the bottom, and a big glass jug in which to let it percolate.
  4. Uuuuhhh – I dig musicals? Not like recent musicals, like Cats or Phantom. Don’t get me started – really, there’s like nothing that Andrew Lloyd Webber did that I can hear without gagging. But start in on an old-school musical like Gilbert and Sullivan, Rogers and Hammerstein/Heart, or Gershwin – Man, I’m hooked. Stuff you can sing along with. Stuff written in 4/4 time that can bounce around in your head while you run.
  5. I’ve never killed a deer, and have absolutely no desire to. I come from a family of hunters, and really, really love to go out shooting birds. Waking up at 0200 to go sit in the dark in a duck blind in 40 degree weather while a fine misty rain falls down is honestly high on my list of things that’s enjoyable. And I even really like venison. And my objections aren’t even ethical or squeamish; I’ve little doubt that the only reason deer exist is as nourishment for those of us who have been blessed with / who have evolved the ability to make tools or been gifted with teeth and claws. It’s just that I really don’t want to have to deal with schlepping 150 lbs of steaming deer carcass out of the woods and back to the car.

Tagees: ShoreTurtle, Doc, Am, Jon, who needs a boost in general, and April-Anne

3 thoughts on “Oh … Yeah … Tagged”


    i’m with you on the ALW gag reflex. but play something like the sound of music, the music man or chitty chitty bang bang and i’ll be singing ’em for days.

    toot sweet!

  2. i learned how to use a gun shooting birds. i tried to teach my kid to shoot a bb gun but she no likey – too much city in her.

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