Monday Weigh-In

Figure I might as well bring this back, as painful as it might be.


I looked back to the first weight entry I could find (May 2004), and I’m down from 185 near the middle of last year. The other positive is that I haven’t been above 185 since May.

It’s still a long way from the 159 where I should be BMI-wise to be at the high end of the normal band, and way far away from 118 lbs which would put me at the low end of the “normal” range.

Which means that my February addition may be diet. Rather than Chris’s shotgun approach, I’m trying to take a methodical approach so as not to get lost in the forest by trying to monitor every tree.

And if that last paragraph doesn’t mix enough metaphors for you, I don’t know what would.

5 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In”

  1. I snorted out loud at the metaphorical salad. Hey, thanks for posting that BMI link. I’ve forgotten to check lately, but if you just go by height-vs-weight, I’m 29.5, which means I somehow slipped into being just fat instead of obese. By the skin of my teeth, mind you, but hey!

  2. 118 – 159?! Don’t ya just love government information. Um, that’s a damn big range folks. But just you wait, eventually you’ll be paying more in health care premiums if you are outside the normal range. They’ll squeeze more money some way. Its psychotic.

    Even so, I remember slipping into the normal range when I was first losing weight. It felt great to actually be there for the first time in almost 20 years.

  3. The BMI ranges seem pretty stinkin’ light, IMO. Even after 13 weeks of OCS, I was at about 150, and when I was working serious manual labor in the summers during college, I never got much lighter than 135. And I looked like a rail both times. As in random strangers would stop me and ask if I were hungry.

    I think you’re right, though, that BMI is eventually going to be tied to health insurance, much like smoking and other lifestyle choices are.

  4. Man.. You’re lucky. I’ve barely been able to push past 188 lately. I want to get to 178, but that’s been pretty hard to do.

    Might want to be careful about BMI – I’ve read that it’s really more for a sedentary person. It can be misleading for endurance athletes. I used to have 8% body fat, and was still “obese”.

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