Gripe with iApps

So, I’ve got my first major bone of contention with Apple’s iApps, iPhoto in particular.

I’ve been trying to burn a CD with some pictures from the Church’s Christmas Pageant to share with the Christian Ed director and another woman at the church. Which should be as simple as selecting the album, clicking “Burn CD”, and getting asked how, exactly, I want to burn the CD. In my case, I shot in RAW with my DSLR, and wanted to burn to JPG to share with folks who just want the snaps.

Instead, I had to:

  1. “Export” the pictures as JPG to a folder on my hard drive (This should have been the only step, IMO – I should have been able to use this dialog to burn the CD)
  2. Create a burn folder in Finder
  3. Drag the exported folder to the burn folder
  4. Burn the disk

I wouldn’t use this to suggest that the bloom is off the Mac rose, but merely to suggest an improvement.