Meeting goals

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Finally had another successful week. Met goals and everything.

Saturday was about 4 miles of XC ski at Bluff Point. Pictures below. I forgot to charge the rechargable AAA’s in the Forerunner – oh well, it was nice. Great conditions on the trails:

There was a pretty decent ski groove down the center, and I was kicking and gliding something fierce. Keeping 12 minute miles or so, at least until the forerunner died.

I never get tired of the view over Fischer’s Island sound, especially seeing Ledge Light, a huge, red brick lighthouse looking like an old post office at the mouth of the Thames. When I was riding submarines professionally, there was always a sweet, sweet feeling when the ship came through the Race between Long Island and Fisher’s Island and sighted Ledge Light. Somehow, everything was right with the world, or soon would be. It’s tough to make out in this picture, but it’s there. And looking especially when contrasted with the brown of the seagrass and trees, the pale blue of the sky and deep blue of the water, and the bright white of the snow.

So, like I said, 4 miles, right on target.

Today – 3 miles. Outside. (yippee!) In Shorts (Yippee… Wait… Holy crap, it’s still in the 30’s).

Yeah, irrational exuberance got the better of me, and I went out in shorts, fleece, and gloves. I left all the electronics behind, and just listened to wind, feet on pavement, and my body (oh crap oh crap oh crap – when do we turn around and run with the wind?). In any case, I survived without frostbite, or even being terribly cold, but I think I’m a little bit more sore than I should have been if I’d worn pants.

Life is good. Signed the boy up for t-ball, napped with the baby on Sunday, and watched The Phantom Menace Saturday Night. (TPM Was not nearly as bad as I’d remembered. Return of the Jedi quality, if only that the Gungans were less annoying than the Ewoks).

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