So Many Answers

David over at “Adventures in the Thin Trade” has some interesting questions:

1. So if you are someone who likes to run with headphones/earbuds, do you like to race with them too?

Yes – helps me focus, helps me concentrate, and gives me somewhere to go when I’m pushing hard other than that dark “Man, this really sucks” place.

2. If you like to race with headphones and had a free entry into the Minneapolis Twin Cities Marathon would you race? Headphones are forbidden on the course and those confirmed to have used them (photos/videos) will be disqualified.

Not just yes, but heck yes. I’m actually tempted to see exactly how many races I can register for and get disqualified from for wearing headphones. The rule they use to ban headphones (USATF Rule 144.3.(b)) should also disqualify folks for things like GPS and heart rate monitors, but I don’t hear people getting kicked out for them. The rule used isn’t a safety rule.

3. Do you think wearing headphones is a safety hazard?

4. Do you think headphones are less of a hazard in a controlled route race?

On a closed course? Probably less of a safety hazard than a live band or a water stop.

On an open road? It depends. I try to keep the volume low enough that I can hear most traffic over whatever I’m listening to.

5. Do you find those who wear headphones to be a hazard to you on the course/road?

Nope. No more than folks who walk through water stops, or stop to tie shoes, or who fumble around with those freaky looking gel belts, etc…

6. Spirit of the Marathon is screening in theatres all over America on January 24. Are you planning to go? Is it sold out yet where you are?

7. Have you ever heard of a one-time-only screening of a film before? Unusual to me.

No, dunno, no.

8. Have you ever seen a running watch that gives you an air temperature reading? That would be cool

.Or hot, depending on what kind of a day it was.

Oh, and I gotta brag on my Alma Mater again – we just got mentioned during the National Championships, something that’s never happened before, and not likely to happen again, due to our being DIII: