Nike+ iPod Touch (iPhone) musings

While I was looking for info on if the iPod SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) was going to get me Nike+ on my shiny new Touch, I unearthed iPod Fitness Center, which has a pretty cool interface for pulling Nike+ data over the iPod touch.

My personal thought is that Apple’s not going to support Nike+ on the Touch. First, the entire Nike+ site is built in Flash, which isn’t supported on the iPhone/Touch. Second, Apple’s been pretty conservative in the iPods that they’ve openly endorsed running with – pretty much just the Nano. I think that this is a risk management thing for them. By using the smallest, ruggedest iPod with a display for their high impact activities, they’re minimizing their exposure to 1) consumer rage after an iPod gets dropped or broken during a workout; and 2) false repair claims for folks who are willing to say “Yeah, it was just sitting there and the display broke”.

I’d love to see Nike+ supported on the Touch/iPhone. The hardware’s phenomenal, and with built-in WiFi on the devices, there’s the possibility of posting workouts directly to Nike.

So, folks out there in Cupertino and Beaverton, if you need folks to beta test Nike+ for the Touch, I’ve got the hardware, I’m a relatively consistent runner, and I would give my left nut to get in on the deal.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. Some day in the next decade or so, we’ll get iPhones up here.

    I’m pondering a touch since it has email etc. Any thoughts on that? Truthfully, I am not much of a phone user but having web access would be really cool.

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