San Antonio, Girls

Well, the deed is done. Missy and I are registered for the San Antonio Marathon in November. Plane tickets are bought. Plans have been laid.

I’m pretty excited. As I was looking back through the blog, I noticed that I’d forgotten to post results for the Oklahoma City Half – 1:53, which isn’t exactly shabby. Sure, there was injury at Bluff Point a couple of weeks back, but that looks to be all better now. AND, I’ve got exactly enough time to train.

So, I’m struck by Lyle Lovett’s immortal song, “San Antonio Girl”, and the thought that

He ain’t exactly bright, but he’s a little bit pretty

may be a pretty good description of myself.

So, let’s head to Helotes, Flores Country Store, out Highway 16, to hear some Robert (Earl) Keene. There’s no more hotels down on the RiverWalk, at least not at which I’ve got frequent stayer points, but that’s all right.

Whew – this is going to suck.

3 thoughts on “San Antonio, Girls”

  1. We’ll be there at least to watch. Putting it on the calendar now. I may even shoot for the 1/2. Been running for a month now with very little knee pain. I’ll see how the next couple of months go, and throw in a few longer runs.

  2. Excellent! i’m not a Robert Earl Keene fan but i found a collection of cd’s in my late brother’s music box.

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