Missy keeps giving me grief about why I keep the gnasty old white towels for my gym bag. Finally, I’ve got a good answer:

To look cool, wrap a towel around your waist when you change. Changing skirts are practical, but not very cool. To look Euro-cool, make sure it’s a white, thread bare towel taken from the cheap motel room that you and five teammates crammed into at your last stage race.

(Courtesy of PezCyclingNews)

(Also, it looks like I missed TowelDay this year.)

3 thoughts on “Towels”

  1. Or South Park and Towely?

    I’m STILL catching up on blogs…and I have this to say to you: pphhhbbtt for getting to see The Hip at least twice (from what I can gather) with an extra wet pphhbbttt for running together in the UK. Jerks.

    And I was sooo sad to miss Bluff Point AGAIN this year. Stupid final exams. But next year?? Next year might be my come-back. At least you were there to represent the RBF.

    See you crazy kids in New Haven? I’ve got a room booked for Sunday nite so I will be having pasta and pizza for dinner – the Janks should break bread with me! (and don’t forget, the invite for cycling is always open too!)

  2. Actually most Europeans (or Germans at least) don’t use “changing towels/skirts”. I been at races that have shared the same changing rooms and showers and no one thinks twice about stripping down, changing, and showering – unless of course there is an American in the crowd…

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