So confession time:

I totally blew my goals this week. I couldn’t bring myself to straddle the treadmill again. Well, that and I was feeling kind of under the weather – both boys have had a fever for a day, and runny noses, so I didn’t want to stress it. Well, that, and I was feeling lazy.

Overall, though, I did OK – an hour of shoveling the driveway today (~20″ total) works the arms, etc.

I also did about an hour of cross country skiing. There’s trails cut through the woods behind the houses on both sides of the street. And the snow rocked. It was nice, nice, nice. And godawful tough. The snow was deep.

Oh, well. One bad week does not a training program kill. I think I made the 21 days, though – it’s a habit.

3 thoughts on “Snow…”

  1. Man, I’m kind of jealous. We’ve been having very strange weather here lately. But I really want to go XC skiing and snowshoeing – kind of hard to do when it’s in the 60’s.

    Got some Yoda grammer going on in the last sentance :) ?

  2. The XC is an added bonus – typically, we don’t enough to cover the rocks enough to make heading downhill with abandon safe – this time we did. The other big change with the weekend’s storm is that the forecast is for another week of cold weather and possibly more snow mid-week, so it looks like I’ll replace running with XC for the forseeable future.

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