So, marathon training is going pretty well, all things considered. I missed a couple of runs while Missy was in Houston. But then I cracked open the 20 week “official” plan for the San Antonio Rock’n’Roll marathon, and saw I was ahead of the game for where they want me to be. Worse things possible, I suppose.

This morning, I actually managed to make it out the door, ride for 40 minutes or so, and catch the commuter van. Didn’t get in a run at work, but hey – who needs bricks?

And, lastly – Missy’s goaded me into doing the Hundred Pushup challenge!

One Hundred Pushups

I think that at one time, like after getting chased around by the USMC’s finest for 13 weeks, I could probably do 100 pushups at a sitting. But that’s a while ago, and many cans of beer under the bridge.

So, you in?

2 thoughts on “Down…Up!…Down…Up!”

  1. Hmmm, let’s look at this: muscle mass that provides little-to-no benefit for road cycling or alpine skiing? Don’t think so.

    Just kidding. But I’ve never been a push-up kind of guy. Back in my overall upper body fitness peak (high school), I could whip off 50-55 in a row. But I’ve never been an arm strength kind of guy. Perhaps getting back up to 50 is a good goal for me.

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