CubScout Campout

So, I’ve been running pretty regularly. Work’s been busy, so most (if not all) of the cross-training days have been dropped lately, which is kind of fine. It’s been hot. I’ve notched up a Jamestown run in each of the last two weeks – still cannot believe how lucky I am to have that on my drive home, especially now that it’s possible for a human to immerse himself in the North Atlantic without a wetsuit.


This weekend was CubScout campout weekend, so of course it was HOT, and there were bugs, and skinned body bits and a bit of sunburn, and of course, tears from . But other than that it was great. The pack headed up to Gay City State Park – about three-quarters of the way up to Hartford. My boys and I went up Friday night to check out the place.

I’ve got to say – there are advantages to car camping – namely a cooler and fresh food, but, all-in-all, I think I prefer a good old-fashioned backpack trip. Just something nice about leaving stuff behind and stripping to the essentials.

Like a ground pad – which I did forget.

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  1. hey, we went car camping too. we had to get away from 100+ predicted heat so the mountains seemed a good idea. swimming, biking, bundling up in sleeping bags at 47 degrees, and dutch oven potatoes. kids love it!

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