Fitness Plans 2009

Hey, isn’t this a running blog?

Well, no, not necessarily. I mean, yeah, kind of, but remember, we’re trying to branch out.
Regardless, I’m still pretty passionate about the running, the biking, and the swimming. My major race goals for 2009 are:

Other guaranteed races are:

So, how am I going to get there?

For Mooseman, I’m kind of playing it by ear. I’m using to track my training – I liked the ability to do batch edits of a training program and upload it as a CSV file. Mapmyrun/tri/bike/whatever is pretty slick, now that I’m using a Forerunner 305. However, there’s no way to use it to plan training, only as a really, really slick tracker and mapping tool. ActiveTrainer was indispensable for me in preparing for San Antonio, but that was largely a result of having a good marathon plan offered for free by the race. The training planner interface is pretty slow. I was tempted to just keep the plan on my laptop, but I like having access to it in cyberspace without having to lug 5 pounds of laptop with me (if anyone wants to buy me a netbook, feel free). And I think I’m ditching nike+ – I’m beginning to enjoy running in silence.

I’m melding the 20 week half-ironman plan with the one from TriNewbie. Essentially, my plan is to:

  • run/swim Monday (Swim precedence)
  • bike Tuesday
  • bike/swim Wednesday (Swim precedence)
  • run/swim Thursday (run precedence)
  • Rest Friday (beer precedence)
  • Long Run Saturday
  • Long Ride Sunday

with the culmination being 60 miles on the bike, 15 miles on the run about 3 weeks before the event.

NYC will be pretty much the same marathon plan I used this year, although I may spend June and July examining Run Less, Run Faster given the cross-training base I’ll have after Mooseman.

(Funny thought, marathon training being somewhat anti-climactic the fourth time around)

More thoughts on 2009 elsewhere on this blog.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Plans 2009”

  1. A half-iron man and a marathon? In the same year? Egsds, Jank.

    If I cream you in New Haven, it’ll be because you are too damn tired from running/biking/swimming across the whole planet! :)

    I need to work on my training plan again…

  2. You weren’t satisfied with the coke and starting tasting the heroin. What’ll it be next? From marathons to triathlons and then ultras and Ironmans?

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