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Fall, glorious fall

Man, so fall completely rocks. Aside from last week’s gift of sick from the childrens, things are nigh unto wonderful. A week of “rest” seems to not only have fixed my sick, but to have also helped out the wheels.

We went camping last weekend. Had a blast. Bigger kids mean dad has less crap to carry, and kids that love to backpack means no whining on the trail. Weather was spectacular – cool but not cold, clear, and a full moon. Pictures are at Flickr.com/photos/billjank – or go to Flickr and search on “billjank”. We’ll probably get one more trip in before winter. Can’t wait.

Running has been good. Saturday was my last “sick” run. I punted on the 20 miles on the sked, but did get in about 9, even though I was still hacking up a lung. Went to bed immediately afterwards.

Monday and Wednesday were brilliant. Ran up and over Cow Hill both times. Monday, the wheels were great, and I legged out about 7 before supper. Last night, I managed to cram in 5 miles in 40 minutes before soccer practice. Yeah. Soccer was fun, too.

In other news, I’ve got preliminary ok from the wife to run Mooseman Tri in June with the Amazing Hip, the Running Chick with the Orange Hat, and Salty War. Now I just need to make the decision between the half or the Olympic. Probably the half. Ouch.