Tuesday Cliff Walk

Christian and I hit the cliff walk again today. It was the first day I’d call a “summer” day – probably 80 degrees and bright, bright sun. I forgot my shades.

Chris made it about the first mile and a quarter, then he decided to stop after I ran the 40 steps. On the way out, I felt light on my feet. I ran down to the end of the paved section, and then turned around to go catch Chris. He was only about a half mile back on me, but wanted to continue out to the end. He said to keep going to the end.

So I did. I faded really hard with about 1 1/4 miles to go. In hindsight, I think I was dehydrated (yellow pee before I left the office). The end of the run was pretty ugly.

Nice Bloggie!

An old friend with whom I’d recently caught up again, unexpectedly, split for home. She’s up with a new blog. I read her comments about not being able to go home again, and wished I could have written something similar when departing Texas to head back to Connecticut.

Monday Weigh In

Another week of slack. Another week static at 184.

Oh, well, at least it’s not cruising the other way.

One of the things that is working for me this time around is weighing only once a week. My lovely and longsuffering wife turned me on to this – the idea is that since weight can fluctuate on a less-than-daily basis, it’s easier to track long term trends by weighing yourself only once a week. Granted, it makes it easier to blow up, but there’s no lulling into a false sense of security by a one-day water loss.

I’ll also send a shout out to Lafe Runs. Sounds like there’s another brother out there fighting the battle of the bulge. Here’s to all fighting the good fight.

Cliff Walk

Christian and I hit this run again today. It’s quickly becoming a strong favorite; if I can figure out how to work some hills into it, I’ll be completely pleased.

Chris is fun to run with. He hasn’t been into it for a long, long while, so on the days he and I run together, it’s more of a walk/run. But at least he’s making the effort.

What he does have going for him is that he’s about 6 inches taller than me, and all 6 inches of that is in his legs. What I’m trying to say is that the boy runs fast. Which is good; I need the speed work.

Back in the saddle

Both running and blogging.

Last Tuesday (8 June), I began about a week’s long unintentional sabbatical from hitting the road. Part was work related, part was having my mother-in-law in town. She’s going through a rough spot in her life, and Missy and I were extremely happy to get a chance to shine some much deserved sunshine on her through smiling grandchildren. Not a whole lot of mileage knocked out, but good times all the same.

Had a great run Tuesday, and a decent ride Wednesday. Then Thursday, I went and ran the Cliff Walk with Christian. Good times.

Monday Weigh-In

(And a decent little bit on the bike…)


Finally moving in the right direction, but still about 7 lbs higher than my low for the year. I don’t know if the lower weight was due to this working-out thing finally paying off, or due to being out of the loop from the immunizations on Saturday.

Another cold, dreary morning, so another wuss move on my part by avoiding an early work out. But, work went well, and by about 4, I was ready to split to head home to mow, and then go pick up Missy’s mom at the airport. So I saddled up the old Cannondale (Did I mention I love my bike), cranked out 10 miles, and hit the showers. Beautiful

I’m feeling better from the shots, BTW.

Pile it on

Saturday. Drill Weekend. Free immunizations, courtesy of Uncle Sugar (Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and Teatnaus for those keeping score).

Plus Saturday Afternoon PT. Gotta love it.

Ran the SubBase perimiter. OK, “ran” is relative. I ran downhill and walked uphill. In any case, it was cold, misty, and generally miserable.

And felt like poop when I got home.