Couple of random runs and Vacation

Woo Hoo – Vacation.

I write this from the deck by the pool of the Golden Eagle Lodge in Stowe, VT, while my lovely wife is getting ready to head out to supper. The boys are safely at my folk’s house in San Antonio after an unexpected overnight in Elizabeth, New Jersey (heh – I feel kind of bad, but we tried to talk Ma and Pa out of the trip. The kids – no worries about either of them).

Wednesday – what a great run after work. It was hot, hazy and humid – even though it wasn’t foggy, it was tough to see Jamestown Island from Newport Island. I decided I’d time my run by iPod – do about 5 miles at a 9 minute pace. Good run despite it being near 90 and near 90% humidity (felt like I was running with Christian in Katy). Even better was coming home and putting it into the Gmaps Pedometer – 6.3 in about 50 minutes! Smokin!

Thursday was a tough day at work. Bunches of stuff came up, and I didn’t get to run. BUT, I did get out of the office by 4:30, and we were headed north by 6. Supper in Mass. Needed gas in White River Junction, so we figured we’d stay. Good choice. Good hotel, and a good run this morning – downhill to the Connecticut River (stealing Jeff’s “Epic” theme, I’d love to canoe or kayak from the headwaters down to the sound. Maybe when the boys are older…), then uphill back to the hotel. 4 miles, and man, are the hills killer.

Tomorrow is 15 miles. Stowe’s got a sweet 5 mile multi-use trail – figure I can do a lap and a half on that, right from the hotel. Beauty.

Off to find food…