Y U been gone so long?

(Click here for soundtrack; courtesy of the Oxford American, which is recently relaunched with their annual Music Issue. Best $9.95 you will spend on tunes this year.)

15 miles last Saturday was cake. Doing it on the 5 mile long trail through Stowe was brilliant – beautiful weather, flat run, and I was able to go about 2 miles from the hotel, stash the camelback, run about 5 miles total to the end of the trail and back, pick up the camelback and suck down a healthy dose of water and Swedish Fish over the next 5 miles, ditch it and do the last 4 miles without the weight. Good times.

Canoeing Saturday Afternoon rocked – we used these guys – great equipment, pretty decent safety brief before, and a beautiful day on the river.

Sunday and Monday deserve detail and pictures – Sunday was hiking and swimming in a pond at the top of the Smuggler’s Notch ski area, and Monday was climbing the road between Stowe and Jeffersonville on a rented bike – so I’ll do them later.

Work has been busy. Boys are back, healthy and happy, from Texas. Wednesday was another great 7 miles on Jamestown – I figured out how to add a ton of hills and a mile to the run from the soccer field. Did it in just under an hour, which, while not flying is not bad.

Thursday was 6 at Bluff Point. THursday was hot and painful.

Tomorrow is 12 miles, early, to beat the heat. Then, I catch up on other blogs.