Redefining “Bike Geek”

Wired’s got a story extoling the benefits of steel and Campy. Gripes with the story – the guy didn’t take pictures of his “new (to him)” ride.

He’s got a certain point – there are some technologies that evolve until they’re pressing against actual laws of physics, and bicycle frame construction out of steel hit that in the 70’s and 80’s. I’ll buy his gushing about the frame.

But I don’t necessarily agree with his joy over Nuevo Record. Granted, my only experience with downtube shifting is the Suntour stuff that was on my first road bike. But man – STI… I also haven’t had much of an issue with durability on either my 105 gruppo or the Deore gruppo retrofitted to my mountain bike.

Sure, high-end components may be overengineered. But there’s still durability to be had, even in fancy new stuff. Likely at lighter weights than the old stuff, if not the lightest stuff out there.