Halloween / Make


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Jake wanted to be an airline pilot. We built his plane out of a 12″ cardboard tube from the hardware store, some 1/4″ plywood, and wrapping paper.

Been a big fan of Make since it launched, and have been trying hard to get Jake and Nate to see the beauty of DIY. The costume was a hit at Mystic’s Halloween Parade. It was exciting for me to see a majority of “made” versus bought costumes.

There were two “Wow, wish I’d thought of that” constructions, though. One was a girl dressed as a princess. The “Wow” bit was the unicorn she was “riding” – it was hanging off of her, much like Jake’s plane, ‘cept it had legs that hung down that she kicked with each step, looking like the unicorn was walking.

The other was a family of 3 kids, oldest Jake’s age, youngest about Nate’s age. They’d converted the family wagon into the coolest pirate ship I’d seen in a while. The hull was wood-look corregated cardboard, like on a school bulliten board; the masts looked like cardboard tubes, with sheets or pillowcases hanging of yardarms as sails. Very cool.

Lazy, Lazy


No, not really.

Well, kind of. Haven’t run since Wednesday, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Been resting and kind of stretching. Those are good things, for sure. Probably will try to do a pair of 5 milers this weekend to see how the old wheels feel.

Speaking of which, I got a mono-cog conversion kit for a Shimano hub for the old trek about a month ago so I can see what the old single-speed magic is all about. Granted, it’s not all hardcore and fixed gear, but that’s ’cause I know I like coasting.

In any case, I stopped by Mystic Cycle Center to see if I could pick up a chain for the new beast. I’ve got a brandy new 8 speed chain as backup for my wife’s bike at the house, but figured I’d check out their new digs. Didn’t get a chain, though. Cheapest they had was $25, which even the guy behind the counter told me was a rip-off. Guess they’ve got a mortgage to pay now. I can understand, but MAN.

BTW, I’m writing this waiting at the elementary school for the wife and boys. There’s a Halloween Ice Cream social tonight.

That’s about it. Liz and my new navy buddy are in my thoughts this weekend as they’re pounding out the Marine Corps Marathon. I’d wish them luck, but both of them are more than ready.

Life is good y’all. Enjoy the fall.