Huge shout out to TRCWTOH!

And best wishes to Jeff in Boston on Monday. UPDATE: Susan(Susie) has pictures.
Dianna, AKA “the running chick with the orange hat” threw a pre-Boston shindig for Jeff, AKA “The Amazing Hip” and the rest of his fan club up here in the quickly thawing northeast. It was, as you would expect, absolutely perfect. Somehow, I slipped onto the guest list.

Got to catch up with Susan, who continues to be one of the most intriguing people I’ve met. I’m amazed at how she continues to add to a life well lived, and inspired at her ability to follow her heart.

Saw Michelle again, and was momentarily embarrassed that I’d forgotten we’d met at the New Haven 20K. Was regaled with the ins and outs of watching the Boston Marathon, including how to get from the bar at mile 7 (“no, that’s mile 7.4”) to the one at mile 14, and to the one near the finish. Met her husband, recently returned from mobilization with the National Guard and now teaching high school again.

April Anne was there – hope and the future rolled into one smiling package. Next fall some lucky school is going to have a new teacher (Hey, there’s a thread here – what is it with running and education that makes folks pour there hearts out on the Web?)

Had the pleasure of meeting Annalisa for the first time, who had drug in from Boston, and she’s as witty in real life as she is online. Moreso, in fact. She wowed with the story of her secret crush on the 90 year old guy in her neighborhood. The guy grew up as a bobbin boy in one of the famous Lowell, Mass, textile mills, and, until recently, spent his days in a driving cap and bowtie, hustling college kids out of their money playing pool.

Dianna was running around eight ways to Sunday, and had laid out the spread for us. Her man, Jason, seemed to be having a great time, too – feigning interest in our running stories, and laughing at the jokes.

And Jeff and SMSMH completely failed to disappoint – the beautiful people really do live out in California. How cool to meet folks who suddenly feel like old friends.

What a great time! We stayed until TRCWTOH kicked us out.

Wish I could make Boston on Monday.

And a huge thanks to the New England RBF – it’s a relief to know that there are wonderful people out there doing great things. Hopefully, some of that rubs off…