i’m Chilly-Chill!

song and dance keeping you in a trance…

Well, winter blew into New England Sunday night. Went to bed at about 45 degrees, and woke up to snow melting on the driveway Monday morning.

To be honest, the end of last week was a wreck as far as running was concerned. I had the great run on Wednesday, and slacked the rest of the week. But, despite all that, November was my highest mileage month since August.

Last night I headed out fully bundled for winter running – wind pants, softshell, and a couple of reflective bands. What a night! Near full moon, and a sky so clear it felt as if the vaccuum of space was heading down to earth. I headed down the road behind the subdivision, past the town woods, past the century-old barn being dismantled to make way for 10 new homes.

The hill on Yetter was still a cast-iron bear.

But I made it.

Three miles, and the satisfaction of unzipping the softshell and steaming while I put out the trash and pondered the stars.