links for 2006-12-21

Three fine miles

I kind of fell off the wagon this weekend, and didn’t make either my long run (5 whole miles!) or my Sunday run. In my defense, though, my youngest son is spewing snot and has a cough that sounds like he’s been a pack-a-day smoker for the better part of 50 years. I’m kind of worried about catching anything this close to the holidays, so I figured rest wasn’t a bad idea.

But, today I jumped back on the wagon. Three miles at lunch. OK, 5K, but that’s just ’cause Nike+iPod has a 5K choice, otherwise, I’d have to manually dial in 3 miles. The extra distance is kinda like having to do “one for the Corps” at the end every time I do pushups.

Today was so beautiful I got worried that I’d get kicked out ’cause I hadn’t bought a ticket. OK, a terrible metaphor. But the day was amazing. Shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt two days before the solstice. How sweet is that? Narragansett Bay was placid, the birds flew, the bees buzzed (OK, they’re hibernating), and the sun beat down on my ears.

I faded hard about 3/4 of the way through the run, and walked for a while, but still managed to put in a good effort.

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