I could recommend a couple of brains for dissection:

So, exercise is good for the brain (for sure if you’re a mouse, but maybe even if you’re a person. Slashdot linked to a CNN bit

“Once these findings were established in mice, we were interested in determining how exercise affects the hippocampal cerebral blood volume maps of humans,” … They of course could not dissect the brains of people to see if new neurons grew, but they could use MRI to have a peek. (The experiment) also measured the fitness of each volunteer by measuring oxygen volume before and after the training program. Exercise generated blood flow to the dentate gyrus of the people, and the more fit a person got, the more blood flow the MRI detected, the researchers found.

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Podcasts and Nike+

So, Susie asked

Question for you–there’s no way to use the Nike+ with a podcast, right? I miss Phidip when I’m trying to measure my runs:(“

In case anyone else is interested, I’ve got two hacks that should work:

  1. Create a playlist called “Podcasts” (or whatever) prior to the run, and to drop the podcasts you wanted to hear, in the order you wanted to hear them, into the playlist. Sync prior to the run, and when you get to the point in the setup where you select a playlist, choose “Podcasts”, and the first podcast in the setup should be there.

    To make it more transparent, create a “Smart Playlist” (File->New Smart Playlist). Under rules, set “Artist” “Contains” and the artist of the podcast you want to add. Then, whenever a new episode is downloaded, it will automatically be added to the “Podcast” smart playlist. If you aren’t sure what the “Artist” field is for the podcast you want to add, right click on the column titles when you’re looking at “Podcasts”, and add the column for “Artist”. Or, your smart playlist could just consist of “Podcast” ” is true”.

  2. Alternately, you could start listening to the podcast prior to the run, and when you get to the choose music for the run, choose “Now Playing”, and the podcast will continue playing. You’ll miss a couple of seconds while the voice starts you off, but will hear the rest of the podcast.

Hope this helps.