Reality sets in.

Wow, I thought as I worked through lunch again today – I haven’t run since playing soccer on Sunday. What a slacker.

On the plus side, I haven’t had ANY ankle pain, even taking into account playing soccer on Sunday. So, I’m thinking that maybe the extra rest has been doing me good – maybe I’m finally “over the hump” as far as the foot/ankle/tendon trouble that I had at the end of January goes. Now, if I can only avoid screwing things up again.

One concession that I think I need to make from two months now of minimal mileage is to write off the possibility of a fall marathon**. Yes, I’d thought that this year would be the year I did 26.2 again. And, Yes, there are still more than 6 months until most of the October races, which is more than enough time to train.

Well, it’s more than enough time to train if your goal is just to finish.

I’ve finished two marathons, so I don’t think that I am going to be satisfied with just crossing the line again somewhere between four and a half and five hours. The sacrifice for building up to that high of mileage that fast isn’t worth it for another finisher’s medal. At least not this soon after my last campaign – the mental dumps of November and December 2005 are still too vivid in my mind to reconsider.

The upside to this realization? More time on the bike this year!

* The caveat being that I’ve entered the draw for NYC. If I get selected, I’m running the crap out of New York. One marathon I might be able to handle…

A little experiment – My Google Maps and Jank’s Places to Run!

So, I’m updating my Google homepage this morning after a little birdie suggested something, and I come across something called “My Maps”, where you can essentially create map files (.kml files, just like Google Earth uses if you want to get technical) by pointing and clicking on the Google Maps website. So, I did a quick little brain dump, and here, without further adieu, is:

Jank’s Favorite Places to Run!

You’ll notice that most of them are fine, fine, fine places to bike, too.

I’m not completely sure if the link will work; could someone (anyone?) if you’re reading this try it out and post a comment? Thanks.