3 outta 7 ain’t bad

In my own minor way, I’ve managed to score well on the 7 deadly sins in the last 24 hours.

Lust – Women in the midwest are extremely underrated. None of the attitude from the coasts, and somehow avoiding much of the gluttony that’s beginning to ruin many southern women. Luckily for my lovely wife, I spent the better part of my time up here in conference rooms with engineers.

Gluttony – How do I eat thee? Let me count the ways – delicious hot wings, tasty pizza, too many cookies from the tray at lunch, and a root-beer float at the airport A&W.

Greed – Luckily, not so much lately. But I am finishing up my taxes – does trying to maximize my return count?

Sloth – Alarm went off this morning in the hotel. Looked out on nasty grey skies and the remnants of a wonderful midwestern thunderstorm, and reset the alarm for another hour of sleep.

Wrath – I’m in the midwest, surrounded by wonderful people. No wrath here at all.

Envy – One of the engineers in the meeting today was a beekeeper. 100 lbs of honey a year per hive. Hey, that one might be a double dipper!

Pride – spent the day in a room surrounded by people smarter than me. Definately no pride here..

So, no running today. Truth be told, I’m still a little sore after the strong beginning to the week I’ve had, so a day of rest probably isn’t a bad thing. But, the Wikipedia article is pretty interesting. GO read it.